What is branding? Is it just the visual element everyone refers to as the logo? A brand’s visual aspects are only half the story. Embedded deep in the brand’s DNA are less-tangible facets such as a company’s mission and values, corporate culture, brand story, and how the executive team and employees conduct themselves, just to name a few.

An efficient PR team plays a crucial dual-role. One is about outreach to and among large audiences. Generating brand awareness and distributing the right information at the right time. After all, seeing a company’s name published across multiple trustworthy news sources creates an impression of credibility. Second is about establishing and nurturing relationships.

At Make My Campaign, we have long-standing relationships with industry experts, well-established reporters, editors, reviewers and bloggers. So whether it’s announcing company news, launching new products, unveiling partnerships, or demonstrating corporate social responsibility, we follow PR best practices to gain maximum exposure and boost the returns on your investments.

Brand Research

A critical component that assists with gaining insights into consumers’ mind and the market in order to create and develop a brand. Helps determine strategy and manage the brand to make effective decisions.

Brand Strategy & Marketing Strategy

Most businesses today aren’t getting the right exposure. A brand strategy acts as a foundation plan that defines the brand, its promise, its personality, and covers specific, long-term goals. A marketing strategy communicates these elements to a target market, wins market share, and grows the brand.

Media Relations

An aspect of PR that focuses on the relationship between companies and media houses. The aim is to tell the company’s story, mission, policies and practices in a positive, consistent and credible manner through mass media.

Internal Communications

In times of transformation, Internal Communication (aka employee communication) is the magnet that holds a company together. Organizations are realising its relevance, from executive comms to learning & development, from HR policies to motivational activities.

Crisis Communications

Deals with the reputation of the organization as well as its leaders and employees. It aims to protect and maintain the organization against several threats and unwanted challenges which tend to have a negative effect on its reputation and public image.

Content Creation

Capability to create case studies, articles, interviews, blogs, social media messages, videos, presentations or any other communication material to convey the required messaging for the brand.