The marketplace is changing as consumers are rapidly taking over their journeys. They are no longer passive receivers of messages. Being exposed to about 3000* messages every day, consumers are now deciding when, where, and which brands they wish to engage with.

As a smart marketer, what do you do? Engagement marketing helps brands find a new way to connect with decision makers, involve them actively, build meaningful conversations, and develop a relationship that earns trust.

At Make My Campaign, we offer the below services under In-person Engagement that will enable you to effectively turn leads into customers.

*Source: Marketo


Events enable brands to connect and interact with their potential customers and create a lasting impression. Use events to provide a first-hand experience of your company’s focus, perspective, and personality.


Roundtables are the most successful conference-style events you could host. With roundtables to generate meaningful conversations, demonstrate thought leadership, and become a trusted advisor.


Marketing a conference simply means being visible everywhere at the same time. Keeping the professional world abuzz and being on everyone’s lips are key. Use conferences to own the industry conversation.


Seminars are indeed one of the most effective ways to engage a professional audience. Use seminars to share trending knowledge, interact with industry experts, boost motivation, and extend networking opportunities